2022 Standard Bank Top Women Awards

20 Judges

800 Attendees

24 Award Categories

Are you ready to showcase your gender empowerment?

Celebrating top women and the companies behind them. These annual awards honour and applaud outstanding leadership, inspiration, vision and innovation, in organisations that play a role in advancing women to the forefront of the economy. Covering all major economic sectors, and awarding business from SMME- to national-level.

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Reasons to Enter 

Winning a Top Women Award entitles you to a range of digital collateral to help you promote your gender-empowered status.

Winners will receive PR and multi-channel marketing exposure, promoting their winning status on our website and to our email subscribers.

Participating in the awards is a great way to honour your employees and build your brand by measuring  your performance against South Africa’s most gender-empowered companies.

A nomination will differentiate your business from competitors’ and raise your profile to attract investors and key industry stakeholders.

You will get the opportunity to network with other business people who are passionate about gender empowerment.

Standard bank top women

Top Women 2021 Winners

Leila Fourie

Johannesburg Stock Exchange

Charmagne Mavudzi
Volvo SA




The Skills Development Corporation


Chantelle Martin Strauss

Department of Small Business Development


Priya Thakoor


Mogaleadi Seabela

Anglo American


Institute of Directors in South Africa

Adcock Ingram

Torque Solutions

Turner & Townsend


Lettie Mashau

Motheo Construction Group


National Agricultural Marketing Council

Adcock Ingram

Triplo4 Sustainable Solutions


Standard bank top women

Top Women Past Winners

Rivasha Maharaj

Group Chief Financial Officer

Afgri Group Holdings


Highly Commended

Emma Mashilwane

Chief Executive Officer

MASA Risk Advisory Services

Yael Geffen


Sotheby’s International Realty

Simphiwe Mamvura

Managing Director

Maponya 911 EMS

Charné Karaolis

Managing Director

MSHEQ Health & Safety Consultants

Celeste Margo Le Roux



Santhri Naidu

Managing Director

Blue Falcon Aviation

Rashmee Ragaven

Director : Advanced Manufacturing

Department of Trade, Industry and Competition

Mushfiqoh Samodien

Business Director

Aspire Solutions Pty Ltd

Velaphi Ratshefola

Coca – Cola Beverages

Natasha Parmanand

FedEx Express


Highly Commended 

Dr Snowy Khoza

Bigen Africa

Johannesburg Stock Exchange

  Road Accident Fund


Highly Commended

Johannesburg City Parks & Zoo



Good Work Foundation

Tata Consultancy Services

Turner & Townsend


Boniswa Corporate Solutions

Gautrain Management Agency

Nsovo Environmental Consulting

Adcock Ingram

Pentafloor Group of Companies

Limpopo Tourism Agency

Highly Commended

Zimasa Travel


Awards Categories 

Organisational Awards

award: Top Gender-empowered Organisation


Open to all mining, oil, gas and alternative energy companies that have a significant and growing number of women succeeding at all levels of management within the company.

Retail & E-Commerce

This award recognises the companies of retail and e-commerce brands, e-commerce platforms and retail publications to make the world a better place. Initiatives may include sustainable business practices, raising awareness or funds for a cause, launching social good marketing campaigns or promoting volunteer programs both internally and externally. Annual revenue must be above R35 Million per Annum.


Independent hotels, hotel chains, gaming and leisure resorts, exhibition and conference facilities, restaurant and pub holding companies, airlines, and on- and offline agents where women are driving growth and expansion will be considered for this award.

Health & Pharmaceutical

Hospitals, medical suppliers, pharmaceutical firms, biotechnology firms, spas and alternative healthcare companies that can demonstrate a healthy level of gender empowerment at all levels are invited to enter this category.


This category is open to airlines and airports; rail, road and freight operations; shipping and ports managers; import and export businesses; as well as alternative transport and logistics companies that have displayed an improvement in gender empowerment.

Energy & Utilities

This category is open to organisations creating energyinnovative or -alternative products, process-throughdesign improvements, source reduction, or energy or emissions reduction products that result in a reduced environmental impact while also empowering women.

Construction & Infrastructure Development

Open to organisations in construction, infrastructure, manufacturing, engineering and other manufacturing concerns, this category recognises gender-strong organisations involved in the innovative, sustainable and efficient development that promotes business operations & economic growth.

Biodiversity, Conservation & Environmental Management

This category is open to women-led organisations that provide a product, service or programme that supports the growth of the Green Economy in South Africa b facilitating access to biodiversity data, and coordinating and interpreting such knowledge and evidence to support biodiversity policies and decisions. Organisations supporting the conservation of biodiversity in South Africa’s national parks and botanical gardens will also be considered.

Information & Communications Technology

Organisations involved in information technology hardware, software, fintech and computing service industries that are able to show women making strides through tech-based application and innovation may enter this category.

Public Sector

Reserved for parastatals, state-owned enterprises, government departments and municipalities, this category recognises the body with the highest level of gender empowerment, from staff to suppliers, through their programmes and policies. High levels of service delivery to the people of South Africa is a supporting factor.

Fast-growth Women-owned SMME

Small, medium or micro-sized enterprises operating only in South Africa with an annual turnover of R5- to R35-million are eligible to enter this category. These companies must demonstrate success in empowering women in the workplace and must have seen significant growth over a three-year period.

Diversity in the Workplace

Multicultural and notably gender-empowered organisations demonstrating preferential recruitment policies and skills development programmes that have championed female representation in the workplace will be considered for this award category.

Youth Development

Focusing on intensive learnership and skills development programmes that increase the capability of and opportunities for women, this category assesses how entrants are broadening women’s career prospects.

Corporate Citizenship

Organisations demonstrating the greatest positive impact on quality of life and economic prosperity for South African women and girls may enter this category. The impact these efforts have had on building a gender-empowered culture within the organisation will also be assessed.

Skills Development

Focusing on intensive learnership and skills development programmes that increase the capability of and opportunities for women, this category assesses how entrants are broadening women’s career prospects.

Business of the Year

This most prestigious award is conferred upon the organisation that demonstrates exceptional practices, primarily in the HR or transformation divisions of the company. Those in contention must demonstrate processes, policies and procedures that ensure the employment of women, increase their skills development, provide a clear path for their advancement, and position themselves as a powerhouse at the forefront of gender empowerment.

Individual Awards

Top Woman in Aviation

Women providing networking, education, mentoring and scholarship opportunities for females striving to establish fulfilling careers in the challenging aviation and aerospace industries are eligible to enter this category.

Top Women in Property

Female residential and commercial property executives operating in all sectors of the property and real estate industry who have demonstrated the ability to steer their business through turbulent times and apply their business acumen to keep the organisation afloat.

Top Women in Science

Top female executives who have demonstrated admirable leadership, business acumen and strategic foresight that has driven exceptional performance in health and science may be nominated in this category. Women from the medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, engineering, chemistry and other scientific fields may enter.

Top Women in ICT

Women using technology to enable development and innovation, create employment, uplift other women and equip society at large with the skills necessary to function in the Fourth Industrial Revolution are invited to enter this category.

Top Women Public Sector Leader

This category is open to women working in the public sector who have demonstrated excellence in performance and delivery; and who have raised the visibility of women in government.

Top Gender-empowered Individual: Male Driving Gender Empowerment

Reserved for the male executive, leader or CEO who has been implementing and achieving gender empowerment initiatives, policies and programmes, and who can demonstrate the growth and success generated by his vision.

Top Woman Young Achiever

Candidates in this category will be recognised for their contribution to the economy and growing employment in their enterprises. These women under 40 have contributed to their organisation’s positive success and performance through innovative strategies and solutions.

Top Woman Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs at the helm of companies with a turnover of R5- to R35-million who embody excellence, ingenuity and integrity are eligible to enter this category.

Businesswoman of the Year

Senior women executives who have shown exceptional performance, astute leadership, business acumen and strategic foresight in gender empowerment are invited to enter this category.

 2021 Table Sponsors

Standard Bank Top Women


I would like to express my deepest appreciation from the bottom of my heart to Standard Bank and Topco Media for the recognition. It was a fabulous event and it is indeed fulfilling to see women thriving. Thank you for making me a part of the event and for awarding me with a lifetime achievement.

– Yvonne Chaka Chaka, South African Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian and Top Women Ambassador

I can never thank you enough for the award that I won many years ago – Businesswoman of the Year (2013). It motivated me to work harder and, not only that, it was that award which led the World Trade Organisation to notice my name on Google. It has opened many doors. Today I serve as a B20 Germany co-Chair, under jurisdiction of the WTO. I really appreciate the recognition you are giving to women.

– Lynette Magase, CEO, Boniswa Corporate Solutions

My passion, commitment and contribution to the empowerment of women in South Africa led to me being the recipient of the Top Women Executive First Runner up in the Standard Bank Top Women Awards. This award has afforded me a greater platform to enhance my existing initiatives and develop new initiatives. It has also given me an opportunity to have a greater reach into our communities and also contribute to a changed perception of women in my workplace and beyond. I define success as “using your power to change lives for the better, to empower and inspire women to greatness”.

– Shaleenah Marie, Learning & Education Manager, Siemens

Over the last couple of years we have participated in Standard Bank Top Women Awards to get a check of how we compare with similar or like-minded companies. We have been hugely gratified that the thorough and rigorous evaluation process undertaken in the Awards process has found our company worthy of the award. This has given us the confidence in our strategies and plans. We can proudly and unapologetically display our transformation credentials including this award. The result is that we are a respected good corporate citizen because we have objective confirmation from a third party that what we do in the empowerment space has an impact and makes a difference in the economy. The awards ceremony provide a wonderful opportunity to be celebrated as a company that is committed to the realization of an inclusive economy. We are proud to have been recognised among the top companies that do this year-in and year-out.

– Dr Jerry Gule, Former General Manager, Total Sa (Pty) Ltd

Celebrating visionary organisations that prioritise gender empowerment as integral to their strategy for growth and success.

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