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About Us

Averly is built on relationships: how important relationships are in growing businesses and how vital they are in creating healthy industries and societies. These are the ideas that get the Averly team out of bed in the morning. They’re also the reason we embarked on a journey with Neuroscience and AI experts, in 2017, to build a solution that holds relationships at its core.

In August 2020, we launched our MVP in the property rental industry. Averly’s technology predicts, measures, and provides insight into our behaviours through a property rental app with a flowing and engaging experience. It empowers tenants, agents and landlords to manage their business relationships while understanding themselves and others a bit better.

Improving relationships might be the name of the game, but the property management aspect of the app is arguably more important to first time users (until they see the value, that is). So agents and landlords love that Averly can be used, on the go, to manage tasks and communication, and tenants love that there are ways other than a credit history to stand out from the crowd.

A year later, we’re excited to see Averly positively impacting how people are engaging, while creating efficiencies that save time, money and conflict on a daily basis.

Our purpose is to help people navigate uncertainties, improve interactions and make great business decisions. In this, we’re committed to only using AI for Good, applying ethical methods in creating and maintaining our AI and explaining the results to help our users understand themselves, others and Averly a bit better.

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