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ECA Consulting is an independent environmental consultancy that provides professional consulting expertise in accordance with legislative requirements and global environmental trends. ECA Consulting provides experienced handling and management of all aspects of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), Basic Assessments (BAR), and Environmental Management Programmes (EMPr) in accordance with the National Environmental Management Act (107 of 1998). ECA Consulting also manages waste license applications as per the requirements of the National Environmental Management Waste Act (59 of 2008). With experience in over 50 to 80 EIAs and other environmental management areas, ECA Consulting offers a professional and timeous service in achieving environmental compliance and moving towards sustainable development.

One of the most urgent environmental issues facing the 21st century is the uncontrolled, continual rise of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and its impact on climate change. There is a vast body of evidence that climate change is a result of increasing GHG emissions which in turn is a result of human / human-related activities. Carbon dioxide is the principle GHG and all other GHG (30, however only six are recognised by the Kyoto Protocol) are measured in a Carbon dioxide equivalent. In a water scarce and already poverty stricken country like South Africa, the issue of climate change is not just a global threat but is a key threat to sustainable development. As South Africans, as well as members of the global community, urgent action is required to abate and mitigate our impact on rising GHG emissions. It is no longer a choice to move to a low-carbon economy or lifestyle, but rather a necessity. To manage this impact, ECA Consulting can measure and analyse your Carbon Footprint and offer advice on carbon reduction actions. This can be made into a workable Carbon Reduction Programme that is best suited to the operations of your company, office or home. ECA Consulting acts in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the principles of the Carbon Protocol of South Africa.

ECA Consulting understands the importance of sustainable development and applies this paradigm to assist the public and private sector in environmentally responsible development. Leena Ackbar of ECA Consulting is a Green Star SA Accredited Professional (GSAP) accredited by the Green Building Council of South Africa. In combination with holistic thinking and sustainable management experience, ECA Consulting’s GSAP’s accreditation can assist developers in managing the environmental risks of their developments, from design to construction.


Both Leena and Manogrie are Registered Environmental Assessment Practitioners (EAPs) with EAPASA and have over 14 years’ experience in the EIA Consulting field. Leena Ackbar is a Level 1 Certified Carbon Footprint Analyst and Manogrie Chetty is a Certified ISO 14001 Lead Auditor.

ECA Consulting can assist with your environmental requirements from project inception to implementation. We work closely with the design team to ensure that your development activity has little to no negative environmental impacts. During the implementation phase, we offer construction support by way Environmental Control Officer duties to ensure that construction activities are well managed to avoid detriment to the environment.

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