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HJV Attorneys was established in 2015 by Annick Hough-Bergh. Annick is an Admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa, a Mediator and a Commercial Law Expert. Annick is a firm believer of “prevention is better than cure”. Preventative law is therefore the cornerstone of her firm, HJV Attorneys. HJV Attorneys will put a stop to problems before they arise and they will help you identify problems and recommend specific legal solutions before a lawsuit is filed or a compliance issue is raised. However, should you be in the midst of a lawsuit or compliance issue, Annick and her team will be to the rescue. Annick has 13 years’ experience in Commercial and Labour Law and has an impeccable success rate.

HJV Attorneys can be seen as new generation lawyers, with a more relaxed feel while providing and serving our clients with the highest professional standards. At HJV Attorneys our client’s become family.

When Annick founded HJV Attorneys her aim was always to provide affordable legal services which are customised according to the needs of each client, while vesting long-term relationships aimed at the well-being of each client. HJV Attorneys therefore offers tailor-made retainer solutions for each commercial and corporate client. Our current client base extends from local to international and as wide as mining to innovation.

HJV Attorneys also offers a Legal Audit Service, which entails a strategic analysis of your business or organisation to determine any legal issue that might be underlying and threatening.

HJV Attorneys will ensure to keep up with the ever-changing demands of clients in the future while remaining competitive amongst a new generation of legal professionals. Annick’s specialist knowledge and 13 years of experience will always remain the backbone of HJV Attorneys, in order to assist clients to the best of our abilities.

Being an effective and efficient legal professional means not only providing legal advice but also to be a legal professional who has a legal influence on the overall business activities, and to be a legal professional whose advice is sought out and essential to a business. The general perception around legal professionals and a legal department is that it delays the progress, instead of enabling it and HJV Attorney’s aim for the future is to change this perception and to work closely with corporates in order to ensure that they are compliant and to minimise compliance and litigation issues.

A legal professional of the future will not only need to provide legal advice but will also need to be a legal professional who is at ease with working seamlessly alongside in-house legal departments and focusing more on the corporate governance and compliance of a business and this is exactly what HJV Attorneys is great at.

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