RPB Electro Technical Services
About Us

RPB is a South African company specialising in Electrical Engineering within Africa and abroad

Our Vision & Mission

Our mission is to provide unparalleled service to our clients, providing clean and renewable energy sources within South Africa and abroad. We aim to improve the quality of infrastructure through the technological advancements of engineering. Our team thrives to render excellent service to ensure continued success on all projects and objectives. Our main scope lies in the services we offer in Operations & Maintenance and Site management, as set out below

Operations & Maintenance Services:
∞ Power transmission
∞ Power distribution
∞ System control
∞ Substation design
∞ Protection system design
∞ Network analysis
∞ Power lines
∞ Electrification
∞ Reticulation
∞ Power factor correction design and installation
∞ Specialized cable installation, testing, fault finding and repairs
∞ Maintenance work on High Voltage and Medium Voltage equipment
∞ Authorized switching, isolation, and earthing
∞ Renewable energy design, installation, and testing

Site management Services
∞ Tender evaluation
∞ Specialised technical investigations and supervision
∞ Training
∞ Project management
∞ Consulting Services
∞ Operational site management and reporting
∞ Inspections and audits
∞ Performance optimization
∞ Stakeholder communication
∞ Accounting, administration and secretarial
∞ Health & Safety compliance
∞ Electrical & Machinery act compliance


At RPB, we are committed to ensuring, as far as it is reasonably practicable, a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and others that may be associated or affected by our activities by eliminating or minimizing the risk of injury or harm to our employees and other affected parties. We are also committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations through the application and management of nationally responsible and sustainable business practices while at the same time producing the required services which will exceed customer needs and expectations. While maintaining high quality services to our clients and employees, we are committed to:

∞ Identifying, analysing, and managing workplace hazards and risks
∞ Exercise and maintain non-discrimination and equal rights in the workplace
∞ The prevention of injuries and ill-health to our employees and others
∞ The compliance to basic human rights and fair wage implementation
∞ Continual improvement of SHEQ
∞ Create a safe and healthy working environment
∞ Prevent pollution and maintain sustainable business operations.

As management we lead the company in this commitment and encourage employees, contractors, and stakeholders to do the same; to create a culture of zero harm, zero deficiencies and zero damage.

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