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Universal Knowledge Software (Pty) Ltd. is the premier leader in library and information management software in Africa. Our success is built on thirty years of specialising in the library industry, so you are assured of our strong acumen, professionalism, collective innovation & trusted methodology at all times, as well as a wide range of value-added services to libraries throughout Africa from our offices in Johannesburg.

We provide database & operating support as well as comprehensive application support to an installed base of more than 700 libraries across different institutions, with over 3000 concurrent users. We are able to provide our customers with total library & document management solutions.

UKS aims to become the LEADING INNOVATION PARTNER for the library sector in Africa. We believe in the power of libraries. You transform, improve, and enrich our communities. We recognize the importance of libraries and want to help you thrive. It is our goal to support libraries as you evolve in an increasingly digital world.

Like you, we are dedicated to bringing the focus to your library, and keeping it there. We are always looking for ways to help you engage with your community and help you show your value. At UKS, we give you the tools to help you fulfil your mission.

We are committed to creating the Best Library User Experience (BLUE). Whether it’s staff or patron, we always have the end-user in mind. BLUE is what pushes us to continue growing, creating and developing software and services for libraries.

Our software and services are open and flexible so you can connect to other vendors of your choice. We have made strong connections with content providers from all over the globe. We believe your input is crucial to the creation of useful, intuitive tools.

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