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The authority on gender empowerment in business for nearly 20 years.

How Third-party Certification Contributes To Business Growth and Sustainability

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Written by Editor

March 8, 2022


By Koketso Mamabolo and Thabiso M. Mohlabeng


Having a third-party to review and audit your business offers you the competitive advantage your business needs. Certification will give you credibility, ensuring that you not only comply with government regulations but you also build trust with your customers.

“It’s like when you finish matric, you send your report and say ‘this is what I’ve done’,” says Chris Hoffmann, Certification Manager at Topco Media. Chris speaks about the benefits of third-party certification with a keen awareness of the potential it holds. He knows that at the core of sustainable growth is trust.

Trust is not something that comes easily but it’s easier to build when you have someone to give you an objective opinion. A friend gushing over a new restaurant holds weight. A five-star rating immediately tells you that you can expect a certain level of quality.

“If certification is done internally it’s just you in your office saying ‘yay!’”. 

Topco Media looked externally to a trusted institution, the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business, to ratify the standards set internally.

“People, planet and profit – those are the three things we look at.” 

What measurable social impact are you having? What are you doing for the environment? 

But what sets Topco Media’s third-party certification apart is that the focus is not just on criteria such as the B-BBEE score, but also on the business’ turnover. “We drill down to performance, we’re not just looking at compliance,” emphasises Chris.

“You can meet all the government requirements but what about your performance?” Performance is closely linked to trust, people want to know that your business will be around in the future, and turnover is a great indicator of that, explains the Certification Manager.

A dedicated research department looks at around 10 000 businesses each year, giving Chris and his team a profound understanding of what the best practice is in each sector. 

Part of the certification is the opportunity to join the community and network with fellow entrepreneurs and learn from industry stalwarts. While at the same time providing a level of legitimacy and trust for potential clients, customers, and companies that want to engage with the accredited and proven businesses.

“We make certification a tool for you to connect to consumers.” 


Here are four reasons to get certified:


Competitive advantage

Having a third-party certification means that your business has been reviewed by an independent body of trusted professionals and has been seen as upholding great quality and performance levels. This certification will differentiate you from other organisations in your field, celebrating your company’s commitment to excellence — it also gives you bragging rights which is an added bonus!



Certification marks your business as a trusted organisation. When you’re recognised amongst the best of the best, you automatically boost your credibility and prestige amongst your peers. More and more people will also want to network with you. Topco certifications can boost your credibility and prestige across both your and its network of thought leaders. With the help of Topco’s team, you’ll be able to publicise your certifications across your website, socials and email signature — and your bottom line will see the results, no doubt!  


Consumers will trust YOU

A certification will give your organisation a stamp of approval as a reliable and ethical establishment in your respective field. Think of it as ‘a badge of excellence’. Customers need to know that they are working with a business that understands their needs and will deliver on them. Being a certified business, with a great background and reputation, makes you an ideal choice – the reliable choice. 


Earning potential increased

With just a bit of time and effort dedicated to getting your certifications, your business will see a positive effect on its profitability. Why? Because clients and consumers want only the best, from the best.




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