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The authority on gender empowerment in business for nearly 20 years.

Past, Present, Future: Interview with Universal Knowledge Software CEO, Neesha Ramsumar

Written by Editor

April 19, 2022


UKS was founded in 1998 and has been listed on the JSE for many years. In 2005 Neesha Ramsumar, CEO, assumed responsibility for the company, allowing for a management buy-out in 2017.

UKS is evolving and focusing its attention towards the EdTech space. They are also expanding and concentrating on optimising the use of technology in coding and robotics, software development, learning platforms and data compliance.

UKS’ Innovative Librarian competition was started in response to COVID-19 challenges, as a method to encourage people to get involved in uplifting communities as well as helping schools with stationery and hardware needs during these unprecedented times. The company is also a sponsor of the annual LIASA Librarian of the Year competition, which thanks librarians for their contributions to their communities. In addition, UKS diligently sponsors prizes for reading and literacy competitions.                                                       

UKS is a female-owned level 1 B-BBEE certified company. As a female-owned company, UKS embodies gender empowerment policies, with 70% of its employee’s being women. 

UKS has been able to establish strong relationships in a multitude of African territories since the late 1990s with strong ties to education departments in Botswana, Swaziland, Namibia, Zambia, Lesotho, Kenya, and Malawi.


Neesha’s 5 Pearls of Wisdom on Surviving and Thriving in Business

  1. Digital marketing has to be a key strategic goal for any business
  2. Foster a culture of creating “raving fan” clients
  3. Spreadsheets are your friends as you cannot manage what you cannot measure
  4. Identify where in the company lifecycle your business is and strategize accordingly
  5. You are only as good as your team


What skills do you think leaders of the future are going to need?

The way we place value in terms of skills required is a constantly evolving matrix as most jobs are being automated as technology advances.

Leaders should leverage off data analytics to assist them in making robust strategic decisions, which ultimately ensures growth and sustainability. However, this does not negate wisdom, and executives should never become complacent despite the wealth of data at their fingertips.


What are the current and future trends in your sector?

As technology evolves, consumers can scan products, retrieve product information, and read product reviews or comments on social media.

In conjunction with these features, UKS has identified fully customisable apps which are now a huge trend. 


How has UKS embraced Digital Marketing to increase revenue?

We utilise a balanced approach that includes promoting products, generating community awareness, and creating interactive posts to stimulate engagement on all platforms, which increases user engagement and drives growth for our digital presence. 

  • Marketing/prospecting to our target market and audience 
  • Building credibility and trust 
  • Escorting and courting the buyer through the process 
  • Presenting the product or service that meets their needs 
  • Closing the sale – Seamless process, followed through from constant engagement with our customers


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