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The authority on gender empowerment in business for nearly 20 years.

The importance of transformational self-confidence coaching – 4 lessons from former Miss World Rolene Strauss

Written by Staff Writer

August 3, 2020

South Africa’s former Miss World, Rolene Strauss, has a passion for empowering other women.

It started with “Always keeping girls in school” a project she started while competing for Miss World in 2014. In this initiative, she reached out to more than 300 000 schoolgirls. The objective of the campaign was to empower female learners and to keep them in school through providing them with puberty education, access to educational resources and motivation to plan for their future.

Six years ago, when she was a fourth year medical student and won Miss South Africa and then Miss World, the media placed her on a pedestal and with the impossible beauty standards imposed on her, she began to think that “pretty hurts”.

Because of what she went through Rolene decided to embark on a quest to help women to rediscover self-confidence –  be it personally or professionally – challenging all the societal norms women face to be “perfect” in a relatable way.

Rolene started a movement called “No, Perfect” to put an end to this unnecessary pressure on women.  The aim of this movement is for women to be self-confident and happy with who they truly are.

Transformational self-confidence coaching is something that she sacrificed months from her busy schedule researching – and after she had gathered all the information, she then studied and became a fully qualified coach.

The methods she uses, questions she asks, the way she listens, and the challenges she gives are constructed to bring about transformation and self-confidence in the lives of women.

Rolene poses a question “How do you stay happy, motivated, and in shape?” she then shares a couple of things she reminds herself of when those type of questions crosses her mind. 

  1. There is no perfect shape for health 
  2. There is power in routine and balance is key
  3. Throw away the scale and use your clothes as a measuring tool 
  4. Short term goals keep the motivation train running  

One of Rolene’s most valuable lessons learned is differentiating between a critic that is meant to help you and the one that is meant to hurt you.

Rolene’s coaching services are now available to all women who want to get in touch with their inner fearless self.

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