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The authority on gender empowerment in business for nearly 20 years.

10 steps to elevate female leadership: Getting it right from the start

Written by Editor

July 19, 2023

1. Refrain from minimising or discrediting


Demonstrate respect and acknowledgement, and implement objective performance evaluations to eliminate bias.


2. Demonstrate tangible support

Encourage the visibility of women leaders within the workplace and offer structured assistance through leadership programmes and structured support through leadership programmes.

3. Give women a voice at the table

Create an inclusive meeting environment where women’s perspectives are valued, and encourage respectful conduct and diverse participation.


4. Challenge biases about working mothers

Overcome assumptions and biases regarding women’s career aspirations after becoming mothers.

5. Understand goals

Gain insights into what drives female business developers and how their current roles contribute to their overall fulfilment.

6. Path to leadership support

Encourage career advancement, accommodate nonlinear career paths, and participate in initiatives promoting the advancement of women.


7. Ensure equal compensation and work flexibility

Eliminate gender pay gaps and provide flexible work schedules to support work-life balance.


8. Proactively recruit female talent

Engage in campus recruiting and early talent acquisition strategies to identify promising female business developers


9. Provide diversity training for the entire team

Create an inclusive environment by involving developers of all backgrounds and genders, promoting open discussions, and ensuring comprehensive diversity training.


10. Foster C-suite mentorships

Connect female business developers with C-suite executives who can mentor and guide their career progression.

By incorporating these strategies, organisations can empower and advance the role of women in business development, leading to greater success and cultivating a work environment that is more inclusive and equitable.

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