3 of the challenges of being a female entrepreneur in 2020

Written by Staff Writer

Jul 28, 2020

Amid the current pandemic and challenges that we are facing in 2020, advances are being made in terms of empowering women.

However, in practice, there are still many things that are not clearly defined and many equalities that are glaringly lacking in the boardroom and within management structures. If you look at today’s world of business, you’ll see that it is still dominated by men throughout the world – globally women only occupy 29% of senior management roles.

What are some of the challenges facing female entrepreneurs?

Role of women in society
In many societies, women are home primary and work secondary and  there is often a real dilemma for those women who do not want to have to choose  between a career and having children – do they compromise their role as mothers to build a career? And vice versa?

The cost of childcare has always been an issue for mothers who want to return to work.   Many companies do not offer childcare options – there are seldom incentives available to employees in the form of childcare at work.

Female role models
Many of the nations who are in the vanguard of the fight to defeat COVID-19 are led by women.  The more positive female role models there are, the greater the likelihood that young girls will aspire to achieving their goals both at work and at home. Jacinda Adern, PM of New Zealand has made a point of taking her baby to parliament which is a really powerful message – showing that women do not have to choose between work and mothering. What is crucial is that the stereotypes, the societal structures and attitudes are fundamentally altered to ensure that the binary choice women have been forced to make in the past are now replaced by ones of inclusivity and abundance.

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