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The authority on gender empowerment in business for nearly 20 years.

4 advantages of change factors in the workplace

Written by Editor

June 18, 2024

By Naledi Mokoena

A change factor is an internal or external idea or occasion that might affect different aspects of a business, according to Indeed. They are influences which impact an organisation’s decision-making process. Being aware of potential change factors equips you to respond effectively.

Advantages of change factors:


Identify growth opportunities 

They can uncover growth opportunities through external changes such as global events, trending socials and political ideas, or public health issues which can highlight new consumer needs. Businesses can take advantage of these shifts by developing innovative technologies to provide solutions. As client preferences evolve, analysing change factors can give you deeper insights into industry trends and requirements.

Make a positive impact 

Optimise clients experience by offering value or meeting a customer’s needs based on research findings. According to Forbes businesses create a domino effect reaching their target audience by offering impactful client experience, consistently making a meaningful impact. Maximising each aspect of the consumer journey, may ensure optimal impact and provide clients with a positive lasting impression of the brand.

Foster a creative environment

According to Harvard Business School creativity gives you the space to work smarter not harder, to foster creativity and productivity. Furthermore, to achieve innovation, creativity can be both practical and realistic through generated ideas. If business leaders fail thoroughly to understand their circumstances or encourage creative ideas, it may lead to stagnation which can hinder its growth.

Inspire client satisfaction 

These change factors can create opportunities to cultivate a more engaged and productive workforce. Addressing internal and external changes through structural adjustments and actionable values can enhance your organisation’s culture. This initiative could foster a workplace environment where women feel more empowered to voice their perspectives and are motivated to take on additional responsibilities to advance their careers.

8 change factors which affect businesses according to Indeed

  • Economic shifts
  • Technological advancements
  • Market trends 
  • Laws and regulations
  • Societal Health
  • Business developments 
  • Societal standards
  • Environmental affairs


However, while change benefits the business, people respond to it in various ways. Some individuals thrive, while others may feel anxious or uncomfortable. As a business owner, you must manage these diverse reactions and guide your team through periods of uncertainty. This is why change management is essential, whether you’re entering a new market, restructuring your business, or implementing new technology.

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