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The authority on gender empowerment in business for nearly 20 years.

5 steps to reach your greatest potential: Instant self-coaching, a South African world first – meet Charlotte Blignaut

Written by Staff Writer

September 28, 2020

With more than 21 years in people development, Charlotte is CEO of Emotion in Motion® and Founder of the Your Hidden Genius tool™.

Fiona Wakelin

She shares with us the 5 steps towards positive transformation:

1.   Handle conflict – access the golden opportunity to neutralise emotions

2.   Build relationships – once you have neutralised the emotions in dealing with conflict, building relationships always start with you, and learning to see the unique choice you have in that space

3.  Transformational thinking – this is only possible once you have learnt to manage the challenges of the necessary essential human “element”, which usually shows up with conflict and in relationships

4.  Empowerment – this starts with an internal process, the sustainable external manifestation happens when the internal confidence barometer is positive and mature

5.  There are no shortcuts to reaching fuller potential and in mastering the above topics.  Neuroscience has proven it takes 6 weeks to rewire the brain (40 days to change a habit, 90 days to create a new one).  Habits are housed in mind-sets. In the term of a life, that is like a drop in an ocean.

“I use a magic number per topic, for Your Hidden Genius Self coaching and accountability tool, to embed the pattern of new evolutionary focused thinking.  So much more happens in that space, than merely the topic mastery.” – Charlotte Blignaut

As a disruptor, Charlotte single-handedly created the Your Hidden Genius tool™. This, as a world first, has created a market niche in self actualisation for individuals and teams, that directly relates to business and economic development. It is a laser fast process, that promotes instant Self Coaching, mind-set shifts, and self accountability. Combine this with a values- based purpose, ethical intelligence, independence and individuality, it holistically also guarantees a full brained, inspired and motivated learning journey, building sustainable mind sets of curiosity, resilience and perseverance. Areas of speciality include embodied transformation, authenticity and empowerment.

Some “Being of Service Highlights” in her career have been:

  • International Coach Federation(ICF), Gauteng Chapter Board – Education portfolio
  • South Africa Chapter Director EBW2020 (Empowering Billion Women by 2020, global organisation)
  • Community Meditation groups
  • International Women’s Club Board member (IWC)
  • 2020 Forbes Coaching Council Member, and is a regular contributor to Council published articles

“Through my work over years, watching clients left feeling empowered and inspired, I recognised that by helping them boost their confidence in a unique manner, so much more was possible to do in transformation in personal development! Being able to make confident and informed decisions comes from the empowered self, the voice within.  My mission to inspire and support others to find their empowered success.

“My favourite topics include: Your Voice Counts & Mindsets Matters, Resilience, Cost of Stress, Choice as a Value, Relationship Capital, Real (Feminine)Empowerment, Communication, Doors of Change, From Self- Mastery to Self Actualisation.

“My legacy and future focus is in micro learning and empowering transformation “- Charlotte D Blignaut.

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