Andile Rapiya drives new Broll strategy as COO of Human Capital and Communications

Andile Rapiya drives new Broll strategy as COO of Human Capital and Communications

Written by Staff Writer

Aug 30, 2021


As COO in charge of the dual roles of Human Capital and Communications at Pan-African professional real-estate services provider Broll Property Group, Andile Rapiya plays a critical role in enabling the Group’s new strategy. This is focused on revitalising the core of the business as it seeks to build competitive advantage coming out of the economic and social downturn due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘Empowering Talent’ is a key pillar of this strategy, to the extent that it is integral to the Group achieving the targets outlined in its five-year plan. “We are a major enabler of the delivery of the plan, because without our people we will not be able to achieve our goals,” says Andile.

Andile joined Broll in 2017 as National Marketing Manager in the Property Management Division and has since grown to focus on her passion for transforming teams and growing brands, businesses and people. Prior to joining Broll, she achieved success across multiple industries, including media, transport and retail, and has won numerous awards in her field.

Andile is passionate about building, while simultaneously empowering aligned, energetic teams that excel in execution while learning. A confident communicator, her interpersonal skills afford her the ability to manage relationships across different levels. With a proven ability to innovate and effectively lead as part of a team, Andile thrives on building and delivering winning brand mixes that have a significant impact on business.

Aiding her in her role is the rich history and heritage of Broll, established in 1975 as an investor-focused business providing property management and leasing services. It has since transformed into a full services property business focused on the two primary segments of investors and occupiers.

“There is deep and fundamental institutional knowledge in the Group,” says Andile. Testament to this is the high staff retention rate, combined with the fact that the Group is still actively recruiting in the current difficult business environment. “This speaks volumes about our perception of the market and our growth prospects.”

How does Andile define ‘excellence’ from a Human Capital perspective? “Our strategy and what has taken us from 1975 to here are our people. It has also been an organisation-wide effort. We mobilise and move together. We take pride in ownership in our corporate culture and what we do. We are also responsible for realising the potential of our organisation through our most valuable asset, which is our people.”

Andile highlights that Broll has a distinctive and effective corporate culture that is very entrepreneurial, quick on the uptake and highly ethical in all of its business dealings. “Whenever a new client comes onboard, we quickly acclimate to that client’s own corporate culture and identity. Another important element of our success is our capability to retain business and establish long-standing relationships, while at the same time continually attracting new business.”

Therefore, Human Capital is a strategic business driver. “In terms of institutional knowledge, we have specialisation within the real-estate space that resides within a single organisation. All of this expertise under one roof is unheard of in our industry. This means we constantly push ourselves to maintain a high-performance, dynamic culture that enables professional real-estate services. Our clients entrust us with their businesses and their assets. It is a big responsibility placed on us as a business. We then have to deliver on that and be progressive and take action.”

In terms of the Communications aspect of her portfolio, Andile’s main task is to strengthen the Broll brand in the marketplace by positioning its new Group strategy and five-year plan, which speaks to the Group’s forward-thinking nature and its resilience and agility in a difficult market.

“Our primary objective is to ensure we communicate the power of the collective that is the Group. Being future-focused allows us to secure new opportunities and to look for new prospects not only beyond 2021, but over at least the next decade. We are an energetic, bold and uplifting brand. Ultimately, we believe in the power of the brand, and that comes across in everything we do,” concludes Andile.



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