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The authority on gender empowerment in business for nearly 20 years.

Are you experiencing Tangible Value Impact through Tech? – meet Mushfiqoh Samodien, Director at Aspire Solutions

Are you experiencing Tangible Value Impact through Tech? – meet Mushfiqoh Samodien, Director at Aspire Solutions

Written by Staff Writer

September 21, 2021

To listen to the full podcast, please click here 



Business Director at Aspire Solutions, Mushfiqoh Samodien, is celebrated for her passion for South African businesses, out-the-box thinking, and her incredible keynote speaking capabilities. As the recipient of the 2020 Standard Bank Top Women Award, in the ‘Top Woman in Tech’ category, Mushfiqoh continues to aim higher in her field and hopes to educate others along the way. A mom who takes keeping healthy seriously and a true role model, she has shown exemplary leadership and a knack for juggling multiple roles on a daily basis. 

In the latest Standard Bank Top Women podcast, Fiona Wakelin, Head of Editorial for Topco Media, engages in conversation with Mushfiqoh Samodien to discuss tangible value impact through technology, pivoting during the pandemic, and why networking is key. Mushfiqoh touches on finding work/life balance, female entrepreneurship, and why practicing gratitude leads to more success.


Key takeaways to look out for in the podcast: 
  • Society needs to understand that ‘Tangible Value Impact’ through technology is so important. We are able to get so many new things out there, and people heard, through the correct adoption of IT and Tech. This is why we need better systems and relationship management – lifestyle meets tech!
  • Tip: The industry is constantly evolving; evolution takes place with the most well-known buzzword or company/brand, It is all about relevance and innovation. 
  • Interaction with business users is essential. We are seeing less emphasis on specifications, and more emphasis on value and impact now. 
  • Challenges are lessons. See this as a time to become more digital and up to date with trends.
  • Business cultures grow based on all members of the business being able to contribute significantly to making a positive impact possible. Your team members need to know exactly what they’re working towards to ensure delivery. 
  • Strike a balance between keeping clients happy and ensuring the well-being of your staff. 
  • In terms of personal wellness and fitness, the first step is admission. Respect yourself and respect your time. One cannot just operate 24/7. Take time to breathe and get some sun. 
  • As a leader, when you are giving someone else advice, take some of those wise words for yourself, too. Always try to inspire others to take those first steps, but educate yourself and keep aiming higher – stay stimulated! Pride yourself on structure and having ‘skill of mind’.
  • Covid has made so many people lose their passion for their careers. We’ve been in a survival mode with not much social support. As we get back into an entrepreneurial mindset, we must focus on the ‘why’ – it cannot just be about making money anymore. 
  • You can find guidance through established networks so it is important to reach out. Find mentors and coaches – do not think that you are in this alone. Networking is vital! 


Mushfiqoh is the eldest of 5 children, from a community where teenage drug use was common. She understood at an early age that to make a success of my life, she would have to lead and take responsibility for it. Consequently, from the tender age of twelve, she delved into business, taking on paid work after school. This early work experience affirmed to her that if she could get her foot in a door, she would have what it takes to build on it, gain credibility and be a pioneer. Her vision is to do work in which she can eventually play an integral role in creating social change at a scale. This led to the inception of Evolve Management – a consultancy to advance business practice, profit and people utilising evidence-based practice and technology adoption. Here, Mushfiqoh shares her challenges, successes and real passion with real conversations, ordinary moments, and inspiration.

Mushfiqoh Samodien is passionate about “maintaining” and “sustaining” relationships, and prides herself on her network. She has fulfilled various roles (over a period of more than16 years) with a key focus on Business Relationship Management within consulting. Account Management and Business Development is her biggest strength. Her experience has been focused on Business Analysis, Project Management, Stakeholder Management, Elicitation,Release Management including Change Management and Training. Business Areas supported namely, Marketing (Trade and Brand), Finance, Corporate and Reg. Affairs, Legal, Risk, IT as well as a Global SAP rollout. Mushfiqoh’s cross industry experience, in both corporate and public sector, has awarded her the competency to thrive within strategy spheres.



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