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The authority on gender empowerment in business for nearly 20 years.

Canva: Are you making the best use of the business tools at your fingertips?

Written by Staff Writer

March 29, 2021

By Janine Starkey, CEO of Tweak ‘n Style


Running a business isn’t all sunshine and roses, but one thing we have to be thankful for, is all the  business tools which have become available online to help us with our daily operations. Whether you’re running an online store or have a website for your business, Canva is a tool that every entrepreneur should hop-on! 

We all know that having an impactful online presence is essential when growing your business. Canva has helped entrepreneurs create professional and creative-looking banners, alerts, promos, and flyers for social media, while helping establish a suitable brand-image. The growth of the business doesn’t have to be stifled by incurring costs such as graphic designing, web developing  even photography and editing, when Canva is around. You get to also customise your own business  cards and change it as many times as you want. Many clients also require some form of proposal, invitation, gift vouchers, moodboards, catalogues and many presentations, for different things, especially when pitching ideas and new brand  strategies. We know looking for a specific design and different templates can be dreadful and take  some time. 

Here are a few guidelines for entrepreneurs when using Canva as your go-to tool to ensure business  success. 


Find your feeling 

These are two important questions to ask yourself when approaching your Canva workspace to create quality branding:

  1. What is the feeling you want to evoke from marketing your brand?  
  2. How do you want the consumer or client to feel when seeing your flyer or proposal?  


For me, I want to truly be able to connect to the brand, and I want to identify or resonate with the brand identity and values. As an image consultant, I say there is power in colour. There is messaging in the colours we choose that represent our brand and that  attract consumers to our project. For example, the use of red has become synonymous with Coco Cola and the colour yellow with MTN branding – you see the colours and they may instantly remind you of the brand as this is a core part of their identity. This way, just with branding, the company keeps selling, even though the product is not right in front of the consumer. 

Colour scientists say black is the colour of strength and sadness; Yellow the colour of happiness and  joy; Pink the colour of passion; Green the colour of peace and tranquillity, white the colour of  transparency. Using colour in your media sells before your product or service does.  


Find your signature 

Building a corporate identity is driven around font. I choose Raleway as my font of choice, it is clear, open and has a slight curve to each letter. I want my brand to be clear, concise and have a slight edge to my offering. I do not only stick to this font, sometimes I like something that looks like my handwriting, sometimes if I want a stronger look in my work, I choose a bolder font, more angular, more abrupt. Messaging in your media is important, but the only way to find your ‘style’ is to play. 


Find your imagery  

Over the years using Canva for social media, proposals, presentations, and email marketing, never  mind my website, every image needs to represent the lifestyle I would like to evoke. My colour palette is soft old gold with navy. I chose these to represent men and women, a classic luxury. I want individuals to feel that our service and products are for a higher LSM, but is also aspirational. My image choices ensure that my brand is truly represented.  


Imagine you are your client, what do you want to feel when you look at your marketing? Answer this and Canva will then be a dream to work with.  

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