Celebrating women in facilities management with Lydia Hendricks, Business Development Director

Written by Staff Writer

Sep 14, 2020

Lydia has 25 years’ experience in facilities management (FM) operations.

These days she uses the in-depth knowledge and understanding she has gained to develop tailor-made service solutions for clients in her capacity as Business Development Director for the AFMS Group.

A born leader and natural problem-solver, her career in FM started almost by default after having to field complaints of frustrated tenants in a commercial building. ‘It was there that I learnt the importance of tenant satisfaction and how it impacts on tenant retention,’ Lydia says.

She feels that one of the reasons why women are excelling in the field of FM, is due to the fact that they are by nature nurturers. ‘It is in a woman’s DNA to create a conducive and aesthetically pleasing environment for the people we care for. Apart from also being emotionally intelligent and possessing the ability to multi-task, women tend to be more intuitive and proactive than their male peers when it comes to understanding and meeting their clients’ needs,’ Lydia says.

“The playing field in FM has become even for men and women. The industry needs a mix of technical and soft skills. Ultimately, it comes down to achieving the best end result for the client through cost effective management and teamwork”


FM Solutions has an established reputation within the FM industry having managed large government, parastatal and private sector contracts across various industries. We ensure that our clients’ business, focus and strategy is considered, and value beyond savings is achieved.

Our leaders and management staff comprise accredited SAFMA professionals, professionally registered engineers, and skilled and qualified staff across the diverse range of sectors.

We provide total workplace solutions to clients who wish to:

> Have a strategic FM partner

> Procure FM expertise that they do not wish to own

> Have effective management of their non-core services within their business

> Have a safe and functioning workplace environment for their staff

> Have clear cost of ownership of their facilities services

> Implement and maintain green and sustainable environments

> Make informed procurement decisions

> Property manage their assets through industry best practice

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