Abella Mining and Industrials
About Us

Established in 2009, Abella Mining and Industrial started its business as a wholesaler and Importer of Petroleum products. We evolved into a supplier of Industrial products, services and intelligent solutions for a variety of industries. In partnership with two Australian headquartered and listed companies, we offer products and services which include Condition Monitoring and Intelligent, IoT (Internet of things), AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning and sensor technologies, for the Mining and Manufacturing Industries.

This disruptive technology is driving a paradigm shift with the use of sensors for monitoring vibration, temperature, pressure, fluid health and other important machine parameters.


Suppliers of in IoT (Internet of things), AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning , sensor technologies and Remote Monitoring. We use Fibre Optic Cable(FOC) and IoT Sensors, connected to the cloud and to sophisticated software.

IoT sensors and FOC provide real-time data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on critical assets and manufacturing equipment. This means that equipment stays up and running more reliably and that minor issues are caught before major breakdowns occur.

Since the data is provided real time to the systems and the analytics, this then enables informed decisions concerning maintenance, efficiency and productivity.

AI Based Technology

1. Conveyor Idlers Monitoring Solution using FOC .
2. Wireless , Fully automated IoT Vibration sensor for rotating equipment. The sensor measures 6 parameters in one i.e Triaxial Vibration , Acoustic Emission, IR Temperature, Humidity, True RPM & Magnetic Flux plus onboard anomaly detection.
3. Oil sensor capable of detecting degradation of not only overall quality, but estimating percent soot,  total base number, relative humidity, additive depletion, etc
4.Wireless Valve Position Sensor detects valve position and movement with high resolution via internal algorithms keeping track of valve position in percent open for all valve types, part-turn valves (ball or butterfly) or multiturn valves (globe or gate, with or without gears).

Industrial supplies

5. We supply and Service a comprehensive range of Batteries and filtration products across all areas of industry.