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Adcorp is the largest JSE listed workforce solutions company in South Africa. It has been in existence for 35+ years and has expanded its operations to include a sizeable Australian footprint.

Connecting and advancing human potential is at Adcorp’s core and the opportunity to positively influence individuals, communities, business and society at large, drives its purpose.

Inherent within an organization that is people dominated is the beauty of diversity. It is evident that successful organisations and those that will remain sustainable, embrace diversity and leverage the value this provides. This is wonderfully defined by the abbreviated definition of the South Africanism, UBUNTU, loosely translated to “I am, because you are”.

Adcorp’s business model and associated value propositions can be broadly categorized into three primary solutions, delivered through strong brands under the umbrella of the Adcorp Group:

1. Staffing – the supply of and allied solutions associated to contingent and permanent placement staffing requirements.
2. Business function outsourcing – total management control, on partnership principles, of the outputs of business processes as defined. Expertise in this regard extend through the realms of manufacturing, warehousing, professional services, ICT projects and training environments.
3. Training – multi-disciplinary training solutions with academic integrity that impact relevant current and future workforce skills

The outsourcing of non-core processes is a dominant market trend. Outsourced models are becoming more sophisticated. This implies integrated client and supplier relationships that consider mutually beneficial outcomes and reasonable risk sharing. The Adcorp Group is ideally positioned to be able to deliver on this by co creating complete end–end workforce eco-systems allowing its clients to focus on their primary value propositions.

Adcorp proudly celebrates diversity in both its workforce and supplier base. This is evident in the Group’s South African operations achievements from a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment perspective and their consequential Level 1 categorisation.

By virtue of its 35+ years of existence the Adcorp Group has developed deep industry sector knowledge. Consequently solutions have evolved that additionally include end to end management solutions, within select sectors, that focus on the outputs of human effort as opposed to just the provision of the same. This is a very exciting chapter within the Group and one that the Group expects will see it continue to achieve the sustainable growth trajectory that it has over its existence.

Trust and compliance are cornerstones of Adcorp’s culture. To support this, Adcorp has invested in leading class technologies to provide both the compliance its clients expect and additionally meaningful data that enable them to make optimal business decisions.


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