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Amekh Group
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About Us

The Amekh Group’s intention is to build leadership and management capability within business operations, quality, and sustainability areas via tailored focused platforms.

Amekh is a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor, and 100% female owned.

The Amekh Group was founded by Merle Kock and Khavitha Singh, who recognised that leaders experienced common challenges linked to effectively leading their teams and business areas.

Challenges encompassed:
Firefighting, Siloism, Misalignment of systems and ways of working to company goals and visions.

These management scenarios, often translated to demotivated, frustrated, and overburdened leaders and workforces, chasing deliverables ineffectively.

The Amekh Group was founded with the intention of enabling capability of leaders, equipping them with a set of skills and approaches that alleviate these burdens in a structured systematic manner.

In doing so, it allows leaders to lead smartly and effectively, specifically within the fields of Operations Excellence, Quality Leadership and Sustainability Solutions.

The value proposition that the company offers is that its services are underpinned by tested, successful leadership practices with provided mentorship and guidance by experienced, reliable professionals. The value offerings are delivered via focused areas. These are advisory, development and training, sustainability solutions and localized manufacturing platforms.

To be a trustworthy and preferable supplier of leadership capability enablement within operations excellence, quality leadership and sustainability solutions

To provide our clients and partners with a service that is underpinned on Professionalism, Excellence, and Integrity.

About Our Services
We pride ourselves in providing high quality, excellent services to our clients and partners. Having extensive experience in number of industries allows us to contribute in a meaningful and pragmatic nature that is valued by our clients.

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