Blue Label Telecoms
About Us

Blue Label Telecoms is a technology company specialising in the distribution of virtual products, services and value-added services, including the complete and seamless reconciliation of billions of nano transactions throughout the entire country.

We combine technical innovation with entrepreneurial flair to bring products and services associated with the developed world directly to the doorsteps of people who may be geographically and economically isolated from the mainstream. By so doing, we create jobs, support the growth of small businesses, and assist in bridging the digital divide.

Our proprietary platforms enable mobile networks, utilities, banks, retailers, petroleum companies, point-of-sale devices and the like to access the advantages of a digital economy. We are constantly innovating to drive customer centricity and speed to market while ensuring the stability and security of our systems.

Listed on the JSE since 2007, we derive our strength from our extensive distribution network and our commitment to long-term partnerships.

We lead by creating a growth mindset that allows our employees #teamblu to be part of our dream to continuously pave the way to create an inclusive business with, and for communities at the base of the pyramid.

We understand that we are responsive to the needs of the communities around us, whilst doing business.

Our commitment to sustainable economic development is real. Our success relies on the success of the market we serve. We are bound together. Through good ethics and good commercials, it is our social responsibility to generate value for all, as we help build a society, so that our legacy will continue far beyond the end of doing business.

The past couple of years have seen the implementation of initiatives to establish an intimate list of flagship beneficiaries that fits our purpose. We have registered our own foundation, and build learnerships that allow us to grow individuals into permanent roles, and continuously upskill them to become the pipeline for future leaders.

Our focus is on building sustainable practices and small businesses to enhance and grow our Social and Economic development framework. We do this by building our portfolio and growing profitable business’s, and by continuously responding to the needs of the environment, whilst at the same time ensuring that we are building trust in the communities in which we operate and serve.

We lead through purpose – we link our license to operate and our responsibility to build sustainability through:

• People – youth development, our employee development, and employment opportunities.
• Community – sustainability in affordability, skills, and entrepreneur development.
• Customer – economic inclusion, customer centricity, and continuous development.
• Environment – programs to build a sustainable environment today for tomorrow.