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Bonandini Consulting (Sole Proprietor) is a South African company started by Patrizia Bonandini, Managing Director, amidst a pandemic.

While my career in finance/business intelligence was very lucrative, no one prepares a person at the peak of their career (28 years in the making to become a Managing Director/Trustee), to survive a pandemic and job loss. My employer of 8 years passed away from covid in August 2020, I was left unemployed within a few months after his death. Living in a small town in Knysna, Western Cape, where work is scarce and employers pay a penance, it was time to sink or swim. I chose to swim. After all “we are masters of our own destiny”.

Bonandini Consulting is engaged in developing a range of business services, it’s primary strengths are in the financial services, business intelligence, compliance, HR, payroll, statutory and secretariat. As a business, we work smarter, not harder. I endeavour to do the same for your business.

The company name: Bonandini Consulting is my maiden name. This name is backed by integrity, hard work, grit and work ethic. Your business deadlines, are as important as mine. Too many businesses providing services, forget this crucial point. A good turnaround time is key.

If this pandemic taught us anything, it’s that we can completely evolve and succeed against all odds. Humanity is remarkable. I work with clients nationwide, whether they are in Johannesburg, Cape Town or as far out as Messina, it makes no difference.

Our mission and vision is to offer an innovative approach to business, by working smarter, more efficiently and not harder. We are committed to leading by example in business.

“In the near future, we are poised to become one of the most valuable companies, not just nationwide but in the world, by also providing online training to those in this field or those who are new to the business environment and who need guidance. Our little town of Knysna will be put on the map, with Bonandini Consulting.

“It’s what we do in our hardest moments that determines who we are.” As a business, Bonandini Consulting, strives to create opportunity, growth and impact those around us.

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