Chartered Institute of Audit Governance, Oversight and Leadership
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Chartered Institute of Audit Governance, Oversight and Leadership (Southern Africa) CIAGOL is one of the leading Professional Body in providing Leadership and Assurance services in Southern Africa, founded by practitioners and professionals with a passion to improve service delivery by its members to ensure a high degree of accountably and public protection towards the citizens of Southern Africa. The Institute’s aims are to continuously build knowledge and Skills on Audit Governance, Oversight, Leadership for Audit and Performance Audit Committee Members, Oversight Committees members, Ethics Committee, Risk and Compliance Committees members including ICT Governance Committees

The Institute’s focuses is on all spheres of government, state-owned entities and private companies in Southern Africa. The Institute is affiliated to the Internal Control Institute and provides international certification for the internal control practice in southern Africa.

CIAGOL supports its members, stakeholders and affiliates with matters relating to Audit Governance, Oversight, Leadership, Ethics, Risk Governance, Compliance and Internal Control management. The founding members together with their strategic partners bring a wealth of knowledge, skills, expertise and experience in Internal Audit, External Audit, Internal Controls, Compliance, Risk and Performance Management, Governance Oversight, Ethics Management and Leadership to the Institute.

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