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About Us

CRUSADE Logistics is proud to be recognised as one of the safest and most effective fuel distribution providers in South Africa. This is made possible through the passion and training of all our dedicated staff who work smart, and utilize the technological advanced tools we equip them with, enabling them to achieve remarkable results in a highly volatile industry.

CRUSADE Logistics was founded on the principal of bringing our services to a select range of clients in a way that is safe, efficient and always contributes to our partners success. This means that we have taken the time to focus on and develop a comprehensive service offering to better serve our clients, and seamlessly expand the business to the ultimate benefit of everyone involved with us.

What we do

We intimately understand our customers’ needs, to not only ensure his sustainability in the market place but to encourage and support growth through our high standards and performances to which we are held accountable. We strive to be a health and safety leader in our industry, allowing our valued Customers to partner with a world – class operator who consistently strives for best practices and corporate governance. We are driven to be the best employer in our field in our Country.

What we stand for

Primarily operational excellence and an uncompromising approach towards HSSEQ are key drivers to our success. Consistently having the courage to do the right thing and the confidence in our staff to execute our core values and that of our customers. To be an industry leader by procuring and deploying the best technology in our industry. Strengthening long-term partnerships with our Customers through enhanced efficiencies and reduced costs, mutually growing market share as one Team.


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