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Elite provides a personalised and tailored solution to non-life insurance and personal risk management for people with sophisticated needs.

As wholly-owned subsidiary of Old Mutual Insure, we are part of the Old Mutual family, we’re backed by over 180 years of insurance experience. We pride ourselves in establishing and maintaining close relationships with our intermediary partners. We take our service very seriously and the leadership team is always available to find elegant solutions to the most complex challenges.

We understand that you’ve worked hard to achieve your successes. Insuring your assets with a niche and specialised insurer shows wisdom, foresight, and a commitment to protect yourself, your family and your most valued and treasured possessions. We know your time is a precious commodity, therefore we offer both fast and efficient service by our team of highly qualified professionals; within deadline, bringing you both value for money and complete confidence in asset protection. Our pro-active personal risk management and risk transfer solutions include a face-to-face, full asset valuation service to ensure you are covered on an agreed value basis.

We insure everything from buildings to contents, cars to boats, jewellery, fine art and valuables to personal liability and even international travel. We ensure that you get a tailor-made policy to your most exacting specifications.

We are committed to providing our clients and brokers with comprehensive, personalised insurance solutions which include:

Access to a comprehensive network of specialist services
This means we can put you in touch with reputable, industry-related experts across the fields of property, fine art and jewellery as well as collectable valuators, security advisers and motor vehicle repair professionals.

Roadside and home assistance services included in the policy without additional charge.
This includes our chauffeur service with 12 rides per year available to our policyholders.

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