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The story of Flair Accounting begins with its founder, Heather Flack. Straight out of school, Heather joined an accounting practice and began her articles. She soon grasped the power of numbers in business. However, she also quickly realised that the traditional accounting practice model is based on billing, billing, billing which makes accounting practices inaccessible to and often unaffordable for business owners. It takes a lot of hard work and time to delve deeply into how a company is run, if it’s healthy and doing well, or if it’s sickly and in bad shape. What tax benefits they could enjoy, and what pitfalls to avoid.

Being exceptionally passionate about South Africa, she knew right there and then that she really wanted to help business owners and empower them with useful financial information and so she has spent 20 years breaking the traditional accounting practice mould.

Flair Accounting embarked on her maiden voyage on 1 March 2003 – that means in March 2023 the business will be 20 years old.  To be recognised by Standard Bank Top Women and ranked as one of South Africa’s Top Gender Empowerment Companies in the financial sector for 2022/2023 is a true acknowledgement of the Flair Accounting vision and values.

Heather commented on the Standard Bank recognition by saying, “What a wonderful way to realise that our deep desire to change the world, one business at a time, has been recognised and applauded by our greater stakeholders. This recognition speaks to who we are…something that I value deeply. Our core Flair ethos is that we have always subscribed to the philosophy that is that life, and hence business, is about people. Not only our clients but our team, suppliers and greater community with our spirit, integrity and values that have steered us right for 20 years!”

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