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Gijima is a proudly 100% Black Owned South African Information and Communications Technology (ICT) organisation, with over 22 years of experience. Employing about 3 000 highly qualified and dedicated staff members, it is considered as a leader in the ICT industry, with retention of highly skilled employees that add value to its clients and the communities in which it operates.

Gijima is known for its diversified range of ICT consulting and delivery capabilities, with a solid foundation to develop vertically integrated, industry-focused solutions for its clients across a broad spectrum of industries. Gijima’s specialised business knowledge aims at providing comprehensive and integrated solutions to clients in the following markets: financial services, mining, and manufacturing, petrochemical, transportation industries as well as the Public sector, just to name a few.

One of Gijima’s biggest investments is in substantially keeping an illustrious track record of its partners in order to leverage the full IT spectrum in South Africa. Going forward, Gijima aims to develop technology that creates a net-positive environment for the citizens of South Africa and Africa.


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