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Glasfit is a leading automotive glass repair and replacement service provider in South Africa. Founded in 1989, the company has grown significantly under the leadership of Safiera Mall. Glasfit offers a range of services including windscreen repair, full glass replacement as well as building and residential glass services.

Safiera Mall, CEO of Glasfit Group, has been a transformative leader since joining the company in 2009. Born and raised in Johannesburg and Pretoria, she is a chartered accountant with degrees in Accounting and Honours in Accounting from RAU. Her career began as an audit senior at Fisher Hoffman Sitole, followed by roles at African Bank and Stangen before moving to Glasfit.

Safiera’s expertise in strategic planning, financial acumen, and leadership has significantly impacted Glasfit. She led the company’s BEE transformation to achieve a Level 2 status, introduced an e-learning platform, and implemented health benefits for all staff. Her leadership is marked by integrity, innovation, and a strong focus on customer and employee satisfaction.

Glasfit’s empowerment policies include employment equity, BEE strategies, and skills development with a focus on development of South African citizens. Programs like legalised maternity benefits, flexible working arrangements, and mentoring are designed to support employees’ growth and development in the workplace.

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