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Healthbridge was founded in 2000 and provided switching services between medical practices & insurers. Healthbridge was the first company to offer real-time claims submission and the business has continuously evolved over the last 24 years to pioneer leading end-to-end healthcare technology.

Healthcare is an information-rich industry and involves complex interactions between practitioners, patients, medical insurers & wider healthcare stakeholders. Managing this constant flow of information quickly and efficiently is vital to running a successful medical practice. It is for this reason that Healthbridge is an industry leader in clinician-led, user-friendly technology and provides solutions to ensure that medical practitioners run sound businesses, freeing up time to focus on their patients.

Healthbridge solutions for every practice:
● Medical billing & practice management solutions
● Clinical & patient management solutions
● Bureau & value-added services

Why Healthbridge is the technology partner of choice for private medical practices:
● Saves valuable time & resources
● Streamlines practice processes & boosts efficiency
● Enables better communication between practices & patients
● Truly under-friendly, but sophisticated, technology is designed to help practices thrive

Almost 7000 private practices choose Healthbridge as their preferred technology partner and our clients entrust us to switch, on average, over R2 billion monthly of their claims.

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