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Ibiliti Underwriting Managers
About Us

Ibiliti is a short-term insurance underwriting agent that offers niche insurance solutions to a diverse range of unique businesses in South Africa. These insurance solutions include cover for excess payments, buses and coaches, and small- to medium-sized businesses. Acting on behalf of Mutual & Federal Risk Financing Limited (part of Old Mutual Insure), Ibiliti also designs, underwrites, and issues policies, and handles claims and ancillary administration functions.

Ibiliti’s competitive advantage lies in our ability to create new ways of providing our business partners with extraordinary solutions that our inner circle of selected brokers in turn can use to support their clients to mitigate and manage their exposure to the risks involved in doing business in South Africa today. In fact, we are pretty good at enabling and supporting our brokers by being human and placing ourselves in their shoes. And even though we fully embrace new technologies, we firmly believe that fancy algorithms cannot replace specialist interaction and human understanding. Therefore, Ibiliti continually reinforces the role of professional insurance brokers who are experts in their fields.

Our other strengths include our ability to adapt to the times, adopt new technologies, and infuse everything we do with much heart and feminine wisdom by honouring our values, of which one is sustainability. We believe that sustainability starts with being human by building lasting relationships through trust, competence, care, and responsibility. Sustainability is also built into our product offering as we strive to offer solutions that will stand the test of time instead of merely fly-by-night products. We also assist our clients, through regularly analysing our data, to manage their portfolios to remain at a certain level so that they survive and thrive in challenging times.

Get in touch if you want to do business with an underwriting that creates magic!

Ibiliti is an authorised Financial Services Provider FSP43404

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