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Ikigai Engineering
Consulting Engineers
About Us

IKIGAI Engineering is a management consulting firm with a focus on energy and water resources. Our Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals (CMVP®) and Certified Energy Managers (CEM®) assist clients with Measurement and Verification (M&V) of energy and water savings.

We are involved in the supply and installation of solar water heating and solar backup and hybrid solutions for the residential sector.

We believe that capacity building will ensure sustainability for any climate change action hence we are registered trainers for a number of training institutions.

We are a 100% Black Woman Empowered Consultancy, Tier One ESCO registered with SANEDI and DMRE.

We are Professional Electrical Engineers with the Engineering Council of South Africa as well as certified in Energy with the Association of Energy Engineers.




Process Optimisation
• Monitoring, alarming, and reporting tools that enable enhanced safety and risk management of your building asset portfolio.
• Analytical tools allow import of contextual data for tracking energy and water usage.

Project Management
• End to End project management of client energy efficiency, renewable energy and carbon offset projects.
• Integrated Project Management team to ensure project efficiency.

Energy Management
• Energy Auditing and Energy Management Consulting.
• Energy Policy and Strategy Development.
• Energy Performance Certificates For Buildings.
• Small Scale Embedded Generation.

Water and Waste Management
• Measurement and Verification of Water Savings Auditing and Energy Management Consulting.
• Energy Policy and Strategy Development.
• Energy Performance Certificates For Buildings.
• Waste Management/Resource Management.

Carbon Tax Compliance
• Carbon Tax Eligibility Assessment
• Carbon Footprint Analysis
• Carbon Tax Calculations Through Measurement and Verification (M&V)
• Emissions Mitigation Consulting

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