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Kananelo Consultancy is a 100% black women owned consultancy offering company secretarial and corporate governance advisory services to SMME’s, Government, Companies, NPO/NPC. We provide personalised premium service to our clients.

Kananelo Consultancy’s vision is to be a global company that assists organisations to be ethical corporate citizens, through embedding corporate governance principles in their business operations. We provide company secretarial and corporate governance advisory services that an in-house company secretary performs, which includes among others, advising the Board of Directors on their fiduciary duties, responsibilities, and powers, making them aware of relevant laws applicable to the company and compliance thereof; compilation and distribution of Board packs; drafting minutes and resolutions; conducting induction; filing returns and relevant notices. In addition, we also train Boards on good corporate governance practices, provide transcription services, boardroom risk and reputation management.


Business Development Manager: Zoleka Sipamla • 069 450 3900  zoleka@kananeloconsultancy.co.za

Corporate Governance Manager: Zanele Tabane • 069 452 1912    zanele@kananeloconsultancy.co.za

Managing Director: Bernadetta Tabane • 082 600 0122        bernadetta@kananeloconsultancy.co.za