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Kopano Ke Ledesi
Facilities Management, Maintenance Services
About Us

Kopano Ke Lesedi was established in early 2012. Founded and managed by Ms. Linah Mogale, with educational background and qualifications as a Mechanical Engineer, Plumber and Irrigation Specialist. The company is a 100% black female owned business.

Kopano Ke Lesedi has re-focused the company to service Government as well as the Private Sector including large Multi-National Corporations. We provide a complete service at every stage of a project from initial planning and preparation to laying and finishing off. Keeping with our start-to-finish methodology,
Kopano Ke Lesedi also services remedial work and minimal tasks.

Kopano Ke Lesedi employees are its main assets and they are a highly skilled group of experienced individuals. Our vast multi-disciplinary expertise, allows Kopano Ke Lesedi to tailor-make solutions that satisfy our clients’ needs. We continuously seek to improve our service and compel to the highest results. The company also ventures into different programs that allows to enhance our skills. We are one of the beneficiaries of Attaq and Property Point Enterprise Development Programme.

Kopano Ke Lesedi is a company that prides itself with its compelling results targeting at all times. We provide value-added Landscaping, Plumbing and Maintenance & Repair services to our clients by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the projects. We believe in empowering our employees with the skills and knowledge required to completing a project. We pride ourselves in empowering SMME’s (Small Medium & Micro enterprises and encourage BEE complaincy like ourselves. Kopano Ke Lesedi (Pty) Ltd is also a Level 1 BBBEE Contributor.


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