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Job creator in South Africa through training and development with guaranteed jobs through outsourcing staff to our clients in different sectors and private homes.

Through our many years of assisting the top-tier hospitality establishments of South Africa with their staffing needs, we have noticed a lack of education opportunities for the youth stepping into the work environment. What this means is that the youth of South Africa currently have very little room for growth within one of the fastest growing industries in Africa. But, Likamva Hospitality is on a mission to change that. Our detailed training plan as well as measurement and evaluation of training for Likamva Hospitality and Tourism, is ready to make a noticeable impact that will empower many to grow into their full potential as well as become sustainable contributors to the South African economy.

Proudly South African, we are also committed by striving to be growing with and offering the latest technology and trends ensuring the best service possible for all of our clients.

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