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Brokering partnerships, Transforming communities and Delivering sustainable solutions

Maisha Social Solutions designs Socio Economic Development (SED)strategies for large scale companies, mostly in the mining and renewable energy sectors. We are a sustainability consultancy focused on ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) and specialises in the Social Performance discipline. We design solutions for the negative impacts of mining and energy projects on host communities and maximise opportunities for socio-economic transformation. Our risk based work focuses on identification and management of ESG risks to the business as well as for communities, and we conduct Social, Environmental and Human rights impact assessments.

Maisha Social Solutions has expertise in partnership brokering, promoting SED project delivery through partnerships between private sector, governments and civil society organisations. Our partnership work is reflected in our approach to delivery and implementation, meaning we work in a partnership model with other mostly women headed companies and female consultants. Our work in communities, for social research, social impact measurement, socio-economic development project implementation to risk management, are done by women who understand the gender dynamic of SED, where women are more vulnerable to negative impacts, often left out of stakeholder engagement processes and less able to access opportunities from social benefit projects. Our policies provide the flexibility for female consultants who wish to work in a flexible environment, whether related to the hours they work, the type of work they do or their place of work.

About our name and logo:

Maisha, a Swahili word, meaning ‘Life’, represents our passion to provide solutions for better livelihoods, living conditions and general wellbeing for all. We believe in the prosperity of the planet and a better world for all.

Our logo is two Siamese crocodiles displayed as a symbiotic relationship of sharing one stomach and believed to represent democracy and unity.

We believe in the co-dependence between people, planet and systems, and the values of democracy and unity.

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