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Mashobane Group
Legal Services
About Us

The story of Mashobane Advisory Services starts with a unicorn, a unicorn with fire in her soul, who holds Bluris and L.L.B Degrees from the University of Pretoria, a Management Development Programme Qualification (MDP) from the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS/UP), an Aviation Law Diploma from IATA Canada (International Qualification) as well as a Certificate in Editing and Proofreading from the University of Cape town.

This is one eagle/owl lawyer who takes what she does very seriously, but doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Born out of the desire to live a life of purpose, Anastasia founded Mashobane Advisory Services in 2019.

• The vision that is shared by the entire team is to establish an incubator for unemployed law graduates and paralegals.
• To be THE Leading Company Secretaries, Corporate & Commercial Legal Advisors and Business to Business service provider.
• To provide excellent services and maintain the highest standards of ethics in our interaction with our clients.
• World Domination (with help from her tribe)! Just kidding… Or are we?

• Ethics – we stand by our strong moral principles and we are uncompromising with our integrity in even the smallest moments of everyday life.
• Excellence – ‘Excellence is not skill – it’s an attitude” Ralph Marston – We wake up every morning and we CHOOSE this attitude, we choose excellence, we choose success, we choose to be passionate.
• Empathy – We do everything from the heart, with empathy and emotional intelligence at the centre.
• Energy – We understand the laws of energy and put positive energy in all we do.

Our services:
Compliance and Risk Management
Company Secretariat
Legal Services

Mashobane Training and Mentorship Academy is where we do God’s work here on earth!

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