Metrosure Insurance Brokers
About Us

Metrosure Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd was founded by its Directors on the 18th of March 2016, owned by a previously disadvantaged individual with a plan to take the business to formidable position in the South African market, specialising in Financial Planning.

Our business is mainly focused on providing services within Financial Planning such as:

• In store Insurance Campaign
• Outsourced Sales and Marketing
• In store Credit Facility
• Credit life insurance
• Group Funeral Insurance
• Group Retirement Funds
• Employee Benefits
• Estate Planning – Individual Life Covers, Will drafting
• Investments Planning
• Retirement Planning
• Car and home Insurance
• Commercial Insurance


We are committed to building up local pride, values and dignity by abiding by the following:

• Safety and security of our clients,
• Best managerial practices and total productive quality in delivery of service.
• Honesty in the conduct of our business (highest sense of ethics).
• Continuous improvement by utilising the diversity of resident skill achieving client goals and expectations.
• Innovation and synergising the unique skills in offering value-adding solutions to our customers and
• High integrity and ethics in our dealings with clients.


“Taking you to the future”

While keen to be one of the highly recognised, professional business that provides reliable, efficient services at a given time, founded as a result of stimulating the second economy, we therefore unleash our Mission Statement as “to upkeep rendering professional services and due diligence, to ensure that accuracy, efficiency and competency is displayed at all levels of operations” To be recognised by both internal and external markets as company that is professional and a leader of the pack, to build up a company known in Africa for its consistency, reliability and integrity.

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