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Myezo environmental management services (Pty) Ltd was established in 2005 as a 100% woman and black owned business and has since been providing environmental solutions which optimise environmental resource utilisation, promote environmental stewardship and socio-economic integrity, across various sectors and specialising in mining. As part of environmental advisory services we offer services that promoted the protection of natural resources in line with the universal adopted values or principles as advocated under the United Nations Sustainable Development goals: Vision 2030.

We operate remotely and can provide services to any country, while our head office is based in Pretoria, Limpopo, Northern Cape and Eastern Cape Provinces, in South Africa We openly engage, empower and facilitate stakeholder engagements which are designed to achieve integrated environmental solutions and transparent governance.

We support our clients to comply with regulatory requirements and promote effective control and efficiency by helping to integrate implementation and monitoring of environmental solutions into existing business systems. As our clients continuously improve on their environmental performance, they simultaneously build legitimacy as they reduce their carbon footprint and optimise the value of their natural assets.

Our services for both land, sea and coastal-based operations, include:

•  Environmental impact assessments and environmental management programme reports
•  Mining and prospecting right applications, social and labour plans, as well as economic development plans
•  Integrated water and waste management plans, including water use licence applications
•  Project management and specialist studies such as archaeology, palaeontology, salt and water balances, hydrological, geohydrological studies and soil contamination assessments
•  Communication services inclusive of social facilitation, stakeholder engagements,environmental awareness sessions, including utilization of performance arts
•  Coastal management plans and support services for unlocking the ocean/marine economy
•  Monitoring and compliance evaluation (Performance assessment and compliance audits)
•  Mine Closure and rehabilitation plans
•  Geographic information systems and aerial surveys

 Fast facts

•  Established in 2005
•  Have over the years used various integrated environmental management tools to provide wise solutions across the project value chains.
•  Active as a company in sharing sustainability insights at various scientific knowledge sharing national and international platforms
•  80% of female employees,
•  Top management is 100% black females

Women Empowerment Programs

•  Company is-heading science sector succession planning and unlocking human capital value through mentoring and targeting women graduates to reduce youth unemployment.
•  Supplier and enterprise development support to support women to break into the science business sector.
•  Company supported several scientists to attain their core competencies required for professional scientific registration in terms of South Africa’s Natural Scientific Professions Act (No.27 of 20023).
•  Collaborating and partnering with institutions of higher learning, research institutions and statutory government agencies and ministries.


CEO: Babalwa Fatyi

Babalwa is a founder and a Director at Myezo Environmental Management Services (Pty) Ltd since 2005 . She is an international registered auditor, with Master of Science (Cum Laude) (1999,University of the Witwatersrand).  She also holds BA Arts, Global School of Theology, USA.  This has balanced and sharpened her leadership view and principles on Environment, Social and Governance, especially pertaining to climate, biodiversity and pollution world emergencies and is as such inspired by United Nations Environment Programme on Making Peace with Nature as captured in their 2021 scientific blueprint report.

She has served various industries and mines with interest in diverse commodities.  She has cumulatively developed a multitude of strategic/management programmes, closure plans, sustainability reports and monitoring protocols, which focused on promoting stewardship and compliance within various sectors who are taking lead in green economy and sustainable development and has lead assurance teams. She has co-authored publications in scientific journals and is an author of poetry books which promote sustainable means of unlocking the natural resource capital, while we uphold coexistence principles and respect for heritage and legacy, social cohesion, and economic emancipation. She opens conferences as a performer when there is a message to be delivered in that form and her books are published in audio, as well. She is the visionary, the anchor, and the eyes of the companies she leads and provides strategic direction, ensuring that all support pillars are fully functional, effective, efficient, and compliant with regulatory framework, while leading designing of systems that would enable operational teams to achieve their deliverables ethically and in way that promotes credibility. Being a registered auditor, she ensures that there is assurance and accountability within the organisation.  As a scientist, she often leads multidisciplinary expert teams to provide solutions for the entire sustainable development value chain from authorizations, implementation, and monitoring, for large scale projects across various sectors, specialising in the  mining sector. As a South African female business owner and entrepreneur, she continues to be a voice of consciousness and a team player for change with regards to how development and environmental matters are handled. The humility, tenacity and authenticity of a leader determines their success.  Babalwa embodies and has personified these traits in the way she applies her experience in dealing with governance matters within her organisation while dealing with stakeholders, adapting to changing dynamics and parameters in development projects, designing tools for efficiency and effective control, along with grasp of ethical leadership.

Her ESG experience covers the non-profit organisations, private and government sectors.  She was part of teams who developed best practice rehabilitation guidelines for derelict, abandoned and operational mines. Some of Babalwa’ s vast environmental consulting experience include being part of  SRK Consulting, Scientist and Engineers as an environmental scientist, after which, she joined a mining company Trans Hex Operations (Pty) Ltd, where she successfully administered the company’s compliance with both internal and legislative environmental obligations and was active in stimulating environmental consciousness through all the different development phases. She developed a sustainability report for developers.   Working with a task team and focal point ministry, she played a key role in the fruitful development of the Fourth South African National Country Report in the implementation of the United Nation Convention to Combat Desertification.

She was also part of industry experts who were selected to partake in the executive preparation programme, a collaboration between Mining Qualification Authority and academia.

Through various roles and innovations, she is well versed with sea mining activities, marine legislation, and coastal environmental management. As a  mining company representative in the provincial coastal committee, for eight years, she contributed on tackling impacts related to industrial activities along the coastal environments. The major aim was to promote protection and sustainable utilisation of coastal resources. As part of this committee, she assisted in spearheading the integration of coastal management principles and objectives into the plans, programmes, and policies of the organisations she served and advised.

Driven to impart environmental stewardship at personal, societal, and corporate levels she has acquired the diverse skills set that enable her to assess materiality and those aspects that might lead to significant impacts in various development contexts, while being able to assess risks and design mitigation measures and reporting protocols.

She is also spear-heading industry succession planning and unlocking human capital value through mentoring, as a founding director of Myezo Growth and Development Institute, a non-profit organisation dedicated to this conviction.  Her vision has supported several scientists to attain their core competencies required for professional scientific registration in terms of South Africa’s Natural Scientific Professions Act (No.27 of 20023).

She is a multi-award winner from various highly esteemed organisations and a few of these are listed below.

•  Businesswomen Association: Finalist for Regional Achiever Awards 2007.
•  First runner up for Black Business Quarterly Awards (BBQ- October 2016): South Africa’s Premier Black Business Awards.
•  Standard Bank Tshwane Business Awards (2016): Women Entrepreneur of the Year
•  CEO Global Pan African Awards (2019): County and Regional Winner in the SME sector of CEO’s Most Influential Women in Business &
•  She has also been recognised by Hanell international,(2021) UK, as an international Environmental Achiever.

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