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National Debt Advisors (NDA) is proudly one of SA’s leading debt counselling companies. Through empathy, unchallenged debt expertise and genuine customer service, NDA assists over-indebted consumers in their journey to become debt free. NDA empowers the people of South Africa, following the process of debt review as set out in the National Credit Act, to live a debt and stress-free life, every day, striving to make a difference in the lives of many.

NDA is an equal opportunity employer, consistently aiming for an all-inclusive and diverse culture among its workforce. Initiatives driven by affirmative action and employment equity strategies, alongside mentoring, coaching and skills development programs, allows NDA to remain attentive to the vision of the company, and the culture that breeds its service delivery.

NDA has a proven track-record of supporting and through training, mentoring and coaching – accelerating the growth of women into top-tier leadership positions.

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