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The National Lotteries Commission (NLC) is the only national regulator for lotteries and sports pools in South Africa. The Commission regulates the National Lottery Operator, society lotteries, private lotteries, and lotteries incidental to exempt entertainment. The National Lotteries Commission was established under the Lotteries Amendment Act (No 32 of 2013) to regulate the national lottery and other lotteries. It evolved out of the National Lotteries Board, which was established in terms of the Lotteries Act No 57 of 1997.

The work of the National Lotteries Commission includes ensuring that the interests of all participants in lotteries are protected. It also ensures that all lotteries are conducted with due propriety and regulates and polices all lottery-type schemes. The NLC monitors and regulates the running of various lottery competitions, including those organised by non-profit organisations to raise funds and by companies to promote their goods and services. The Commission’s regulatory role includes private lotteries. These are defined as any game, scheme, arrangement, system, plan, promotional competition, or device for distributing prizes by lot or chance and any game, scheme, arrangement, system, plan, competition, or device that the Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition may, by notice, in the Gazette declare to be a lottery.

The Commission aims to be a global innovative leader in regulating safe and sustainable lotteries and sports pools. It works to ensure better regulation and social upliftment through innovation. The National Lotteries Commission has a national footprint with nine provincial offices and a total staff complement of 319 employees. Through its work, 9 295 jobs were created and 333 004 secondary beneficiaries were created in the 2019/ 2020 financial year.

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