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We are an accounting practice having served businesses over the last 15 years, with over 20 years of knowledge, skill and experience. Our general services include : monthly accounting, taxation matters, management accounting, financial reviews, statutory services, project accounting and reporting, international client base services, internal audit and compliance services. But that was the past ……..

Now, we have expanded our service offerings and opened 2 more companies as a result of our own personal development and transformation. Thus being an example of the power of self- investment and transformation. SME Warrior (Pty) Ltd is the business training leg and Compliance Statutory and Project Services (Pty) Ltd is the compliance leg.

At Nemesis Accounting, we have introduced a while back, a different approach and integration methodology to our accounting, tax and compliance services. The reason for this is simple : connective thinking and integrated consulting using neuroscience methods. This allows us to dissect the client’s situation from various angles through questioning and scenario integration. There is much more to a business’s needs than accounting, tax and compliance. Being in a position to provide many solutions to one problem is what clients are looking for. We also constantly remind ourselves and our staff that there is always more than one way to solve a problem but also more than one way to interpret and analyse it.

The South African business landscape is very diverse. Over the years, through our diverse client base, we have seen the need for simplified and direct understanding of business. As a result of this, Nemesis has developed a “mapping” approach when assisting and guiding a business. Clearly this type of teaching enables a learning to take place within that business and the owner also has the opportunity to connect with his business on an intrinsic level. We firmly believe in enabling accountability within a business by integrating the business owner to be part of the learning and transformation process of his business.

Our additional skills-set encompasses the following : Neuro-Linguistic application based communication, GC Index implementation and profiling, mentoring and SMART-GOAL criteria methodology, strategic business advisory services, NLP problem solving techniques for business. We bring a fresh approach to the SME sector in terms of business solutions for the future sustainability of your business. The future of business is executing differently NOW.

Our first CSI initiative occurred in November 2021. Shani Naidoo, the CEO was approached to grace the cover of a new female magazine “21st Century Women.” Shani will be the business advisor columnist of the magazine for the next year and also provide strategic business advisory services to the magazine at no cost. We strongly support such projects and are honoured to be part of their business journey.

Our biggest highlights was being nominated by Top Empowerment Companies as a positioned leader of Empowerment and Transformation in South Africa within our business sector and also nominated by STD Bank Top Women as one of SA’s Top Gender Empowerment Companies.

“Build rapport with your clients from the beginning and you will never have to beg to close the deal….!!”

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