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We exist to empower financial wellness and health through homeownership

ooba driven by empowered women

ooba is striving to make owning a home accessible to every South African. When ooba is done, everybody in South Africa will have improved their wealth, happiness and security through their homeownership dream. We’re proudly contributing to the growth of our country and the economy by transforming the country’s homeownership market.

ooba first pioneered mortgage origination in 1999 and as the leading provider of home loan origination in South Africa, we have a majority of the premium real estate brands in our portfolio.

From home loan and repayment calculators to pre-approvals and official approvals by the country’s leading banks, ooba has developed a range of free services, tailored to our customer’s requirements. Not only do we empower people by ‘opening doors’. to a secure financial asset for them and their families, but we also help them protect their assets through our competitive range of insurance products.

Driven by integrity and a passion for what we do, we treat each customer as an individual and collaborate closely throughout the journey to homeownership. Recently ranked #1 Financial Services on HelloPeter, we are passionate about our customer’s financial wellbeing and pride ourselves on supporting them throughout the journey.

ooba was most recently ranked as one of South Africa’s Top Gender Empower Companies in our sector. Flying the flag for gender equality, our company comprises 77% females with women holding 64% of management positions. In the first half of 2022, 54% of all loan applicants were female and ooba aims to continuously celebrate, uplift and provide equal opportunities for our female stakeholders. It’s just a constant reminder that ooba is for everyone!  ooba further empowers women who are first-time homebuyers to gain access to government housing subsidies that make owning a home more attainable. Particular attention is paid to woman especially single mothers, divorced mothers and women in distress. The sales force at ooba place themselves in the shoes of the homebuyer. They take the journey together to ensure a positive outcome for all. ”ooba is one of the few companies where your gender does not dictate the amount of responsibilities you are given nor the voice you have in the boardroom. This is because we truly have a great leader in our CEO, Rhys Dyer, a person of integrity, who is willing to listen and genuinely cares,” says Nikki Mbengashe, Group COO ooba (Pty) Ltd.ooba’s diverse range of employed women has encouraged change internally and ensured that equality in the workplace is upheld. Many of the women working at

ooba were not born in the homes owned by their parents therefore it’s a key driver for them to change that narrative for future generations. At ooba the dream of homeownership for all is a reality and something that the group strives to achieve daily. Their partnership with leading banks, real estate agencies and attorneys has placed them in a strong position to make this possible for their customers.

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