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Purpose Economic Consulting is a socio-economic consultancy that provides research, advisory and facilitation services in socio-economic related projects for organisations in both the public and private sectors. Our aim is to present relevant socio-economic and commercial solutions for marginalized communities and business structures to organisations who wish to have an imprint in developing communities across Africa.

The company is founded (by Alive Mniki – who was an unemployed graduate at the time), as a direct response to the negative widespread socio-economic effects highlighted by the global COVID-19 pandemic. We therefore sought to apply socially- and economically-correcting research and facilitation methods that could influence decision-making process of major stakeholders in South Africa within governmental, corporate and NGO spaces.

Though we are young and growing, we have been involved in various exciting projects over the past year – ranging from research-based work, advisory, and developmental facilitations – and continue to expand our service offering across the public and private sectors.

We also publish regular articles on our website blog and social platforms, as part of our mission to empower the African youth by open dialogue and public engagement on some of the most overarching socio-economic issues and opportunities in our African society currently.

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