Maintenance Services
About Us

With a national footprint, React24 renders bespoke specialist maintenance services to the residential, industrial, commercial and retail markets.

Its clientele includes the more prominent and listed property companies within the South African property arena. This credible & reputable track record has made React24 the leader in specialist maintenance services throughout South Africa & everyone’s “ first choice for property maintenance “.

React24’s further involvement with residential, industrial, commercial, retail property portfolios, & its property developers, property investors has led to well forged relationships of trust and complete confidence.

Furthermore, the growth of such relationships has led to React24 establishing a regional office within Johannesburg in April 2014.

24/7 Helpdesk

React24 has developed an in-house CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that ensures that from the minute the call is logged on our 0860 111 162 dedicated call centre line or emailed, it is systematically loaded onto our in-house helpdesk software programme. A jobcard is then generated and the jobcard is allocated to the available team. The jobcard is then monitored by the helpdesk administrator until the job is closed and the clients satisfied. This system has ensured no more jobs and jobcards getting lost and falling through the cracks and has improved the efficiency within React24 100 fold.

Future development of React24 helpdesk will give our clientele the versatility of logging into our helpdesk platform and to track and view the progress of their job at hand.

Management Team

The owner and the management team of React24 has well over 45 years’ experience in the construction, maintenance and project management arena. The management team are from previously disadvantaged communities and for this reason they all share the very same goals, aspirations and vision for React24.

React24 has both a plumbing and general building departments. The managers within these departments, emphasis is on the enrichment and empowerment of their staff collectively and individually.

Staff and Training

React24 employs only professional, qualified and certified artisans. This would include licensed and qualified PIRB plumbers, Carpenters accredited by the building Seta,  and qualified and certified Electricians by the Electrical Board of South Africa.

Furthermore, React24 ensures that all its staff are well equipped with the latest developments, methods, by-laws, and technology. For this very reason, React24 regularly hosts weekend workshops for both its plumbing and building departments. These workshops are hosted and presented by industry experts such as Watersmith & Building Engineers.

Once a month React24, selects a staff member from either department for the employee of the month award. This motivates and improves morale within the business.

The management of React24 is mindful that its very best asset within the business its “ human asset “ –  its staff and employees, and for this reason React24 staff is appreciated.