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Promote wellness with an exclusive luxury spa service. Our eco-friendly In-Room Spa Services help melt away tension, taking you into a world away from all your worries. No walking. No taxis. No inconveniences. You’ll see we’re pretty laidback and easygoing around here, which helps when you want to leave your tensions at the door. We bring the spa experience straight to your Cape Town hotel room with our In-Room Spa Service or you can simply pop in at one of our Spa Suites. We offer our services exclusively only to a selection of hand-picked hotels.

Our customised menu incorporates natural ingredients that are kind to the environment and your skin. Need to unwind after a day of meetings, or a long day of travel? Our highly-skilled Spa therapists can banish stress and tension to help you get the rest you need with In-Room Spa treatments or a visit to our Spa Suite. Padding back to your hotel room in your robe and slippers after a relaxing massage may be appropriate at a tropical resort, but try that in the marbled lobby of a four-star business hotel and you are sure to raise some eyebrows!

Why leave the comfort of your hotel to go to a destination spa? Whilst Relax In-Room Spa brings the spa experience to your hotel.

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