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The South African Breweries (SAB) is the second largest brewer globally with a direct employment of close to 7 000 employees. SAB is part of the AB InBev family and is committed to creating sustainable investments; and driving real, tangible growth for the economy. South Africa has been the home of SAB for centuries tracing all the way back to Charles Glass and the Castle Brewery that he started in 1888. The company’s beer value chain – with a total of 3739 suppliers – supports over 140 000 jobs, and the company sources its high-quality ingredients from more than 1277 farmers – all 100% local. From farm to bottle, SAB beers are 97% locally sourced.

Its commitment can be found in a number of investments over the number of years, including the R1bn invested in its Public Interest Commitments, R2bn in infrastructure as well as the ongoing investments that it continues to make to transform and deliver the South African economy.

SAB is proud to have played a large role in revitalising the township economy through several initiatives, aimed at empowerment and job creation. We’ve reached 20 000 taverns in South Africa through a smart trader initiative and helped to upgrade tavern infrastructure across three provinces. Our investment into the township economy has helped to empower many black entrepreneurs, predominantly women, with many of SAB’s products proudly being sold in shebeens across the country.

Through the best people, skills, expertise and technology, we address the whole value chain from Vehicle and Equipment Leasing, Fleet Management, Risk & Audit, Compliance & Governance, Fleet Operations, Corporate & Investment Banking, to Structured Asset Finance, Leasing, project Management, Legal, Commercial and Technical Automotive.

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