Facilities Management
About Us

Servest is the destination for forward thinking, integrated solutions for all your facilities management requirements.

Our high-performance culture is focused on our customers so that we can develop Servest on a strong foundation for sustainable and profitable growth.

A feature of this strategy is the extension of empowerment into our African markets through training, associations, partnerships and joint ventures. The aim is to create a foundation for sustainable growth through local capacity building.

Servest is a leading black-owned facilities management company, providing integrated facilities solutions for the internal and external built and marine environments, including solutions such as internal and external design and space planning, cost & asset optimisation analysis, energy management & carbon impact reduction, cleaning, parking, technical catering, hygiene, security, pest control, office plants, marine logistics and landscaping solutions across multiple African countries. Servest was established in 1997. In 2015, Kagiso Tiso Holdings (KTH) acquired 51% of Servest, making it the first black-owned facilities management company in Africa. The Group employs close to 24 000 people across 11 110 sites.