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We get the youth because we are the youth!

Sherbet Youth Agency are strategic brand specialists in advertising and marketing solutions that make meaningful connections with South Africa’s youth!

Sherbet Youth Agency is a strategically-driven, through-the-line advertising agency focused on making meaningful and memorable brand connections with the youth of South Africa.

We specialise in branding and communication, digital marketing, impactful face-to-face connections, and social media management.

We’re proud to be the creative partners of leading local and global brands such as Krispy Kreme and Ster-Kinekor, and youth-driven initiatives such as Pick n Pay School Club and the Feed the Nation Foundation.


There’s a huge abundance of creative agencies in South Africa but, currently, there aren’t any major players in youth-focused advertising. The youth represent a huge portion of South Africa’s population and have a huge annual spend, so they’re an untapped market with huge potential — for brands, and our country. As a youth-focused agency, we immerse ourselves in youth culture, research and insights to ensure we truly ‘get’ them and know how to connect with them. We also have a very strong grasp of digital-led strategies and how to harness the power of social media for impactful results.


We’re a crew of big-dreaming, fresh-thinking, young-hearted creatives who thrive on creating real change – in the lives of the youth, and the brands that we connect them with.

It’s important to have the right insights about youth in order to connect with them. So, having a young (but capable and driven) team who forms part of our target audience is key to our market insight.

As a 100% female-led and owned youth marketing agency, we’re avid advocates of both youth and female empowerment with the majority of our team being young women under the age of 26. As part of our passion for youth upliftment, a key aspect of our company culture is to provide opportunities to young talent that show potential (despite inexperience or a lack of tertiary education). We create entry-level positions that allow aspiring creatives a “sneaker in the door” into the world of advertising, with great opportunities for role progression within the team.

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