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Shift Impact Africa is a Shared Value advisory and consulting firm. We partner with clients to create social impact strategies centered around sustainability: delivering economic value, while also addressing societal and environmental needs or challenges aligned to the client’s business purpose.

We follow a collaborative strategy development process. Shift Impact Africa focus on working with clients from an advisory and strategic aspect. Together we develop and shape strategies and revisit organizational purpose and identify opportunities for creating Shared Value and social impact.

Defining your organisational purpose is the first step towards building a sustainable Shared Value driven and purpose-led entity. Creating an organisation that intentionally implements Shared Value principles and disciplined is at the core of business addressing material social issues, profitably. Pursuant to this implementation is measuring social and environmental impact – ethically and transparently.

Creating Shared Value is a business management concept created by world renowned economists and Harvard Business School Professors, Michael Porter and Mark Kramer. The business management concept advocates and guides organisations to create policies and practices that will enhance organisational competitiveness while simultaneously advancing the economic and social conditions in the communities in which it operates.

To further ensure organisational knowledge on Shared Value, Shift Impact Africa has created various Shared Value training programmes which include Executive One-on-One Training on Shared Value, the Introduction to Shared Value Masterclass, as well as the Implementation of Shared Value through the Purpose Playbook. The training can build a solid understanding of Shared Value both internally and externally, inclusive of an organisation’s supply chain and value chain.

The Shift Impact Africa service offering takes clients from purpose, to strategy to implementation to measurement, including organisational change, engagements and training – no matter what part of the purpose journey they are on, our team of experts can support.

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