SPLS Consultants
About Us

We are a 100% black Women Owned company, established in 2015, providing management consulting and ICT services. With over 30 years of combined professional industry experience. We deliver best in class solutions that are tailor-made to client’s requirements with excellence and embracing “spirit of uBuntu”.

To support clients in achieving success by providing Professional Governance and Management consulting services and Innovation in educational technology services.

SPLS Consultants is able to reach all our clients through a fast growing delivery and distribution services. The outlet provides internal administrative support and the following value added services to our clients.

We recognise that our social, economic and environmental responsibilities to our stakeholders are integral to our continued business success. We are committed to sustainable development and will communicate our strategies, performance and governance openly and honestly to our stakeholders. Further, we shall support local community organisations in the areas we operate. We continually invest our time to capacitate community organisations. Invest funds in socially responsible initiatives within our targeted communities. Commit our resources to enhance community projects.

We partner with our clients to create impact on client’s B-BBEE as well as Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) performance. Our forte is such we have more than 30 years of skills development management expertise and through this are able to offer valuable advisory services to our clients.

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